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Silver Brush for ‘They had counted their sheep’!

20/07/2023 · 12:20

Marieke Nelissen, illustrator of ‘They had counted their sheep’ was awarded last month by the Griffel and Penselen jury.

Rightly so. For the book she made truly eye-catching images that not only tell the story, but complement and enrich it.

This autumn it will be announced which of the Silver Brush winners can take home the Golden brush.

Anyway, she already has my vote.



20/07/2023 · 11:58

When I was a kid, I read a lot. The rest of the time I played outside. TV for children was, at least in my memory, only on Wednesday afternoons. Belgian TV broadcasted ‘The World of Disney’. There could be cartoons or a nature documentary, you never knew what was coming, but I loved to watch. Sometimes there was only a promising test image with ‘Please wait’. And now, at this very moment, half a century later and after a trajectory of seven years, ‘Fly the coop’ is being shot. A movie for which I wrote the screenplay. For the Disney+ streaming service, directed by Tim Oliehoek in co production with Elbe Stevens Film. To be seen only on Disney +. So “Please wait’.


Little Neptune

19/07/2023 · 19:32

Last year I was asked by Phion (Philharmonie Gelderland)  and youth theatre group Gnaffel to write a piece for a special group, or rather special groups: children from an AZC, children who are deaf or hearing impaired and children with TOS (Language-Develop- Disorder). Groups of children for whom the (Dutch) spoken language are not always easy. Together with Eva Wilgers of the Phion I visited a number of schools for these children. They were inspiring encounters, where language turned out to be less of a handicap than we thought. What we had no words for, we made gestures. Or we drew what we meant. With a head and heart full I went back home and to work. The performance ‘Little Neptunus’ is currently still being made, I am working on the latest version, director Rob Vriens invents the images and composer Thomas Beijer, the music. The music? But what about the deaf and hard of hearing children? Come and see, then you will see for yourself, the performance is meant for everyone.

Premiere on November 19, 2023 in Arnhem. For more information, check


(Nederlands) Russische Hele Verhalen voor een Halve Soldaat

12/07/2023 · 12:25

Sorry, this entry is only available in Nederlands.


Tortot in China

12/07/2023 · 12:08

In the last decade the world has achieved an astonishing turnover-speed, but that does not apply to books published in China. I think it took me two years to get my hands on the book. And a lot of emails preceded that. Sometimes I doubted whether the book was in the bookstores over there. But it defenitely was worth the trouble: I finally have a copy and it really looks fantastic. Not only because it is full of mysterious Chinese characters, but also because the book has been published larger, so that Ludwig’s drawings are even more beautiful than they already were.

And the good news is that they will also be publishing ‘Whole Stories for Half a Soldier’. Probably in 2024 0f 2025.

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