Benny Lindelauf

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The nutcracker, the mousequeen and Grandfoot


Everyone knows the famous ballet of ‘The Nutcracker’ with the perhaps even more famous music by Tchaikovsky. But few know the real story on which this performance is based. About an angry mouse queen, a trillion mice, an enchanted princess and Grandfoot, the shoe size chef’s assistant of everyone in the castle.

Narrator: Kiki of Aubel

A collaboration project between the Laagland and Philharmonie Zuid Nederland

The performance would have played Christmas 2021 in a number of theaters in the Netherlands, but due to a new lockdown due to corona, all theaters had to close. The piece is now scheduled for Christmas 2022. We keep our fingers crossed…


To Infinity And Beyond!


Theater Totaal is a theater group for people with intellectual disabilities. Together with the artists and musicians of the group I wrote the performance ‘To infinity and beyond’ in honor of their 25th anniversary. The spaceship ‘Totalos 1’ has been looking for a new home planet for 25 years. 25 years on a journey through an infinite boundless space. Meanwhile, the crew is fed up with each other. How do you keep your spirits up when everything goes wrong? When you’re locked up and the view never changes?

Making the performance was an intense space journey in itself: corona came, went and came back, restrictions were imposed, lifted and re-imposed, and all of this had far-reaching consequences for the making and rehearsal process. And although dark clouds gathered again before the end of the rehearsal process, we kept our spirits up. Until just before the premiere, all theaters closed again. Life imitates art: How do you keep your spirits up when things go wrong? When you’re locked up and the view never changes? In the end, Theater Totaal played the performance once, a streamed performance in which the audience watched at home. The hope is that we will still be able to play the performance live in 2022. To infinity and beyond!

Commissioned by Theater Totaal

Director: Elma ten Boekel

Play and music: actors and musicians from Theater Totaal


Cinema Royal


Cinema Royal is an ode to the most beautiful cinema of Limburg: the Royal in Heerlen. The production of the Laagland was presented at the Cultura Nova Festival in August 2021. It was created on the basis of interviews I held with former employees and the audience of the cinema.

In Cinema Royal we follow the staff of the most famous cinema in Heerlen and the surrounding area. Over the years they have become one with the furniture. Day after day, everything is done to give the guests the best experience. But that doesn’t go smoothly, especially if the main film disappears without a trace one day.

director: Inèz Dersken & Annelies van Wieringen

performance: Kiki van Aubel, Ilse Geilen, Quincy Grootjans, Ad van Iersel, Peter Schaap, Martijn van der Veen, Mandy Verboeket and young talent from theatre-workshop Jong Laagland & Vista College Heerlen.




‘Cannonfodder’ is an adaptation of the Golden List award-winning book ‘How Tortot lost his fish heart’.

The piece premiered in February 2020, but came to an abrupt halt in March when Corona swept across the world.

The play was reprized two years later.

Directed by: Lennart Monaster

playing: Bart Sietsema, Dion Vincken, Jessie Wilms, Gijs Nollen, Folmer Overdiep

commissioned by: Het Laagland


reprise Icarus, the flying has already begun


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