Benny Lindelauf

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‘The opposite of worries’ has arrived.

In this collection the two books about the Boon family have been brought together: ‘Nine Open Arms’ and ‘Heivisj’s Heaven’.

The sisters Fing, Muulke and Jes move together with their family for the umpteenth time, this time to a dilapidated house that bears the name Nine Open Arms. The opposite of worry seems within reach. But it is the turbulent 1930s and dark clouds are gathering in Europe. The sisters soon realize that they will have to do everything they can to fend off the approaching doom.



Whole Stories for Half a Soldier

Six brothers are called to join the army. On their way to the front they have to check in at a borderpost. The brothers do not posess any suitable gifts or money to pass the border.  But they know stories. A lot of stories. The brothers tell them to the guard as if life depends on it. Which actually is true…

with beautiful full colour illustrations by Ludwig Volbeda



How Tortot lost his fish’s heart

scan-front-tortot ‘How Tortot lost his Fish’s Heart’ is set during the Great Wars. Tortot, a cynical cook who has travelled alongside many wars one morning discovers a young soldier  who has fled the war and hides in a barrel in the store-room. Tortot preferably likes to hand over the young deserter, but the cook has caught a cold and is unable to taste the meals he has prepared for the soldiers. Can the young soldier help him? And while the Great Wars rage across the Continent a cautious friendship is born.
Nominated for the Woutertje Pieterseprize, the Children- and Youthjury Flanders. Winner of the Golden Frame, the Halewijnprize, the Reinaertrophy.
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superhelpImmo is the superson of Magnetman and Freezewoman. But does he really want to be a superhero? When Immo gets a new teacher at school, all kinds of dangerous things suddenly happen. Immo is forced to take action to save his class. But does he dare to do that? Help! Triple help!

Age 9 and upwards


De hemel van Heivisj

De-hemel-van-HeivisjSouth Limburg 1938. Fing’s dream has just been shattered. Instead of being allowed to study to become a schoolteacher, she has to work at the Sigarenkeizer. The work doesn’t amount to much: she becomes a babysitter for Liesl, the quaint little niece of her boss’s wife. But then the Second World War breaks out and Liesl is in great danger. The only person who can help her is Fing. When fate seems inevitable, Fing receives help from a miraculous source. Not from people but from a mining horse called Heivisj and an ancient lime tree. But will salvation arrive on time?

‘De hemel van Heivisj’ is the sequel to ‘Negen Open Armen’. The novel won the 2011 Woutertje Pieterse prize, the 2011 Dioraphte Youth Literature prize and the 2012 Nynke van Hichtum prize.

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