Benny Lindelauf

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De hemel van Heivisj

De-hemel-van-HeivisjSouth Limburg 1938. Fing’s dream has just been shattered. Instead of being allowed to study to become a schoolteacher, she has to work at the Sigarenkeizer. The work doesn’t amount to much: she becomes a babysitter for Liesl, the quaint little niece of her boss’s wife. But then the Second World War breaks out and Liesl is in great danger. The only person who can help her is Fing. When fate seems inevitable, Fing receives help from a miraculous source. Not from people but from a mining horse called Heivisj and an ancient lime tree. But will salvation arrive on time?

‘De hemel van Heivisj’ is the sequel to ‘Negen Open Armen’. The novel won the 2011 Woutertje Pieterse prize, the 2011 Dioraphte Youth Literature prize and the 2012 Nynke van Hichtum prize.

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De vloek van het verdwenen boek

Leesleeuw-De-vloek-van-het-verdwenen-boekDaan, Emre and Juul find a mysterious old book at the jumble sale and take it with them. The next day Daan has vanished without a trace. Is his disappearance connected to the book? And who is the man in the black coat who is keeping track of them? When Emre and Juul investigate, they land up in a deadly dangerous adventure.

Age 9 and upwards


Piraten van Nix

Leesleeuw-Piraten-van-nixKester’s father inherits a ship. Not just some ship, but the pirate ship ‘De Holle Schuyt’! It’s just a pity that Kester’s father is so scared of water. Whereas when he’s so big and strong. Luckily he has Kester as a son. He’s not strong, but he is sly. And that slyness comes in good stead when a dangerous band of pirates wants to steal ‘De Holle Schuyt’.

Age 8 and upwards


Door en Door Winter

Door-en-Door-WinterIt’s winter. ‘I want visitors’, says Dunne Door with a sigh. ‘That’s not possible’, says Dikke Door. ‘The snow is too high.’ But then somebody does come to visit. A thief! Somebody is taking things from the house. Door and Door lay a trap. Will the thief be caught?

Age 5 and upwards


Meester van de Schaduw


Sam is scared. Of everything. The Three-Headed Bloodman lives under his bed. When Sam moves house he has a row with the biggest bully of his new school. But then Sam finds a mysterious book. A book which helps him to become master over all the shadows. Especially his own.

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