Benny Lindelauf

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Negen Open Armen

Negen-Open-ArmenLimburg 1937. The sisters Fing, Muulke and Jes are constantly moving house. This time they land up with their family in a dilapidated house in which nobody else wants to live: Negen Open Armen. Disaster after disaster very quickly stack up and another move appears inevitable. Then the sisters discover a tombstone with a mysterious inscription. The find marks the beginning of a wonderful voyage of discovery back into the past.

Age 12 and upwards

Negen Open Armen was awarded the Gouden Zoen and the Thea Beckman prize and nominated for the German Youth Literature prize. Translations… >>


Schuilen in een jas

Schuilen-in-een-jasJohannes has been very ill. Something to do with his blood. He has been lying in hospital for months. One day he’s allowed to return home, to his fathers Herman and Pieter. But Johannes is scared of becoming ill again. Sometimes fear is like a dark cloud. Fortunately Pieter is a weatherman. Every evening he points the good weather into the right direction. And if stormy weather still appears there’s always Herman’s coat at hand.

Age 9 and upwards Translations… >>



OmhoogvaldagOne morning Annelie stumbles in the sitting-room. She falls very badly, not on the ground, but upwards, upwards! ‘I think I’m going to heaven,’ says Annelie. ‘Today is Falling Up Day’. 16 ultra short stories exploring the colourful world of an imaginative young girl.

Age 6 and upwards

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