Benny Lindelauf


Cinema Royal


Cinema Royal is an ode to the most beautiful cinema of Limburg: the Royal in Heerlen. The production of the Laagland was presented at the Cultura Nova Festival in August 2021. It was created on the basis of interviews I held with former employees and the audience of the cinema.

In Cinema Royal we follow the staff of the most famous cinema in Heerlen and the surrounding area. Over the years they have become one with the furniture. Day after day, everything is done to give the guests the best experience. But that doesn’t go smoothly, especially if the main film disappears without a trace one day.

director: Inèz Dersken & Annelies van Wieringen

performance: Kiki van Aubel, Ilse Geilen, Quincy Grootjans, Ad van Iersel, Peter Schaap, Martijn van der Veen, Mandy Verboeket and young talent from theatre-workshop Jong Laagland & Vista College Heerlen.