Benny Lindelauf


Little Neptune

19/07/2023 · 19:32

Last year I was asked by Phion (Philharmonie Gelderland)  and youth theatre group Gnaffel to write a piece for a special group, or rather special groups: children from an AZC, children who are deaf or hearing impaired and children with TOS (Language-Develop- Disorder). Groups of children for whom the (Dutch) spoken language are not always easy. Together with Eva Wilgers of the Phion I visited a number of schools for these children. They were inspiring encounters, where language turned out to be less of a handicap than we thought. What we had no words for, we made gestures. Or we drew what we meant. With a head and heart full I went back home and to work. The performance ‘Little Neptunus’ is currently still being made, I am working on the latest version, director Rob Vriens invents the images and composer Thomas Beijer, the music. The music? But what about the deaf and hard of hearing children? Come and see, then you will see for yourself, the performance is meant for everyone.

Premiere on November 19, 2023 in Arnhem. For more information, check